What are noren?
Noren (Japanese Curtains) are fabric dividers that are used to decorate doorways, windows, walls, or rooms.

They are a symbol of Japanese design and culture that date back to the Heian Period (794-1185). Noren come in various sizes, colors, patterns, and materials, and they often display the names or logos of businesses, or serve as a sign for restaurants, shops, or onsen.

Where to hang noren?
Noren can also be used in homes to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere. They can divide spaces, block dust or light, or add a touch of color and charm to your interior.

Below you’ll find a variety of Noren products that will suit your style and needs. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern designs, simple or elaborate patterns, natural or synthetic blends of fabric, you’ll find the perfect Noren for your home or business.