Matcha Bowls and Accessories: A Japanese tradition

If you love Matcha, you’ll need the right tools to prepare and enjoy this healthy and delicious green tea. That’s why we have a collection of Matcha Bowls and accessories that will make your Matcha experience more authentic and enjoyable. I

Matcha Bowls (chawan)
These are ceramic bowls that are specially designed for whisking and drinking Matcha. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns, and some even have a pouring spout if you want to use a different cup. Matcha bowls are not only functional but also beautiful, and they can add a touch of Japanese culture to your home.

Matcha Whisks (chasen)
These are bamboo whisks that are used to whisk Matcha powder with hot water to create a smooth and frothy brew. They have many thin prongs that help aerate the tea and prevent clumps. Matcha whisks are essential for making a perfect cup of Matcha.

Matcha Scoops (chashaku)
These are bamboo scoops that are used to measure the right amount of Matcha powder for each cup. They have a curved shape that fits the shape of the Matcha bowl, and they can also be used as a spoon to stir the tea though the whisk is much more effective Matcha scoops are simple but useful tools that help you make consistent and delicious Matcha.

With these products and more, you’ll be able to prepare and enjoy Matcha like it’s made in a traditional tea ceremony.

You’ll also reap the benefits of this ancient and wholesome drink, such as boosting your overall well-being and enjoying a delicious and healthy drink.